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Trimlight Eastern Washington is a patented innovation that allows you to install permanent, exterior lighting to your home or business so you never have to worry about hanging Christmas lights again! Trimlight Eastern Washington provides bright, beautiful Christmas and holiday lighting at night, which is hardly noticeable during the day so you can leave it up all year, every year!  In addition, Trimlight Eastern Washington offers elegant lighting solutions for patios and decks all year round.

A homeowner or business schedules a one-time install of a programmable lighting system that can be programmed to change colors for every major holiday, your favorite sports teams or any other combination of colors and patterns you can imagine.

The Trimlight Eastern Washington channel system is designed to match the exact color of your home and attaches easily under the fascia of your roof line. The channel holds the lights securely in place, protecting them from the elements and harmful UV rays, while at the same time covering the wire from view. This gives you the ability to leave the lights up year round and turning on your bright, beautiful lights at night is as simple as pushing a button in the app or schedule them to turn on/off at a set time.

The Trimlight Eastern Washington bulbs use exclusively LED technology, which is designed to last 10 times longer and uses only a small fraction of the power when compared to conventional bulbs. The bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours. So as an example, if you turned on your system every night all year long, your bulbs would last over 20 years!


Trimlight Eastern Washington eliminates many of the hassles associated with traditional exterior lighting:

  • Hanging lights every year is very time consuming, burdensome and dangerous, not to mention having to take them down again, find a place to store them, then untangle them and do it all over again the next year.
  • Wind, snow and UV rays damage lights and break clips that hold the lights in place, leaving sagging wires that look terrible at night and during the day
  • Conventional lights don’t last as long, have faulty bulbs that short out the whole strand,  use far more energy and no matter how well you hang them, the exposed wiring still looks terrible during the day

With Trimlight Eastern Washington, you can have a one time, permanent install of your favorite Christmas lighting or year round lighting, never again having to worry about hanging up or taking down lights. You will always have bright, beautiful lighting at night that is hardly noticeable during the day.

Trimlight Eastern Washington

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